Let's Count

Let’s Count supports parents and early years’ educators to develop the mathematics skills of the children in their care by noticing, exploring, and talking about mathematics in their daily lives.

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Program Overview

Let’s Count Professional Development

In the Let’s Count Online professional development you will be able to build on what you already know of children’s mathematics learning, and supporting and encouraging parents and families to promote this learning using Let’s Count, notice, explore and talk about mathematics.

Let’s Count is based on the principle that children are more likely to have positive experiences of mathematics during their early years if their educators, parents and other family members also have positive dispositions towards mathematics. It’s underpinned by:

• The use of play, discussion and investigation as its key pedagogical approach
• Strong partnerships between early childhood educators and families
• The recognition that all children, parents/carers and educators can be powerful mathematicians
• A realisation that mathematics learning can be enjoyable for all, when it is undertaken in a relevant and meaningful context

The professional development consists of 2 Modules separated by a Practical Application period. As part of the professional development, you will get access to a range of resources:

Available immediately once you sign-up
• Let’s Count at Home and Let’s Count Out and About tip sheet, which have been translated into 23 languages
• Let’s Count information and other resources, such as example of Let’s Count in action

Available after you complete Module 1
• Let’s Count Digital Bag – packed full of ideas, templates, videos and parental engagement tips and ideas.

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 Module 1 (self-paced with 2 weeks to complete)

  • Topic 1:  Exploring mathematics
  • Topic 2:  Mathematics in games
  • Topic 3:  Mathematics in literature and music
  • Topic 4:  Engaging with parents and families

 Practical Application (4 weeks to complete)

Between Modules 1 and 2 you will have the opportunity to put into practice the things that you have learnt from Module 1. In addition, you will be provided with access to helpful resources and templates

 Module 2 (self-paced with 2 weeks to complete)

  • Topic 1:  Working with Parents
  • Topic 2:  Planning

Note: This Module is available 4 weeks after completion of Module 1